Advanced Threat Defense Tactics

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) in the online realm are a painful reality for companies of all sizes, from the
largest enterprises down to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Business leaders might be tempted
to think that their own organizations are exempt from APTs, or that the security measures they already have
in place are adequate to defend against these persistent, methodical attacks. Yet those temptations must be
avoided. If your business has something of value to online criminals, you should assume that it will be targeted
sooner or later. In fact, it probably already has been.

Can companies be protected against APTs? Absolutely.

• The nature of online threats
• The particular risks your organization faces
• The operational realities of your business
• The specific IT tactics needed to secure your infrastructure
Those four topics form the basis for this guide to APT defenses.

Online risks will always exist, and no defense against them can ever be airtight. But by following the steps outlined in

this e-book, companies can establish the robust, practical security protocols required to help them withstand
Advanced Persistent Threats.


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