As expected, Windows XP upgrade popup had some users worried

March 25, 2014 | By 

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In an attempt to get the remaining users off Windows XP, Microsoft earlier this month announced that it will be sending a popup notification for customers opting to receive updates via Windows Update. The popup links to the Windows XP End of Support website, which was put together specifically to offer information to users about the looming April 8 deadline and suggestions on what they can do.

As we reported at that time, the problem with using a popup has to do with users being trained for years not to click on suspicious popups. As such, it was predicted that the appearance of the popups would culminate in panicky calls to relatives, parents and tech support firms.

It does look like the scenario has materialized, according to a report on CRN. Terry Fairbrother, the founder of Remedy IT Ltd, a Devon-based IT maintenance outfit was reported as having received “dozens” of calls and emails relating to the popups. These came from his customers who were concerned that the popups could be some form of malware attack.

“A lot of customers are asking me what it is and I’m having to remote into their computers to verify that it is legitimate,” says Fairbrother to CRN. “Last week was pretty bad as I had dozens of calls. The jobs are too small to be chargeable and they’re also unnecessary.”

Not everyone thinks that the popups were unnecessary though, given how a large number of consumers are still completely unaware of the impending deadline. On the flip side, it probably won’t be long before some malware writers may attempt to replicate the design of the genuine popup notification in order to trick users into performing actions they would normally not have done.

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