IT study reveals depth of employees behaving badly

April 22, 2014 | By 

IT’s naughty list requires reams of paper now as the vast majority of all workers are now found guilty of some sort of acceptable use transgressions at work.

According to a new study by TeamViewer, 92 percent of IT administrators say they have seen “bad behaviors” among office employees on their computers. TeamViewer shared the findings of its IT Admin Behavioral Study with FierceCIO. The study was conducted in March, among 300 IT administrators.

“While most companies are okay with their employees using company equipment for activities such as browsing social media sites, the results of our study reveal that these actions can cause problems down the line,” noted Kornelius Brunner, head of product management at TeamViewer. “Businesses should be prepared to handle such situations especially with valuable company data on the line.”

So what are the most common bad behaviors that employees are engaged in?  According to the study:

  • 82 percent browse social media websites during work
  • 57 percent open inappropriate email attachments
  • 52 percent download games
  • 45 percent download illegal content such as pirated movies, music or software
  • 39 percent look for other jobs

As to the ramifications of these bad behaviors, 90 percent of administrators say they have seen problems on company equipment as a result of employee bad habits. They include:

  • 77 percent reported viruses
  • 74 percent cited slow computers
  • 55 percent reported crashed computers
  • 48 percent cite mass popups
  • 33 percent identified an inability to open email

Finally, all of this bad behavior is also taking an emotional toll on IT.

“Negative emotions are also felt among IT administrators due to the bad habits of office workers, including feel frustrated (70 percent), angry (60 percent), and discouraged (32 percent). Twelve percent even said that these bad habits have them feeling like they want to quit their job,” the study reported.

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