Meru Wireless Networks appoints Store Computer Technology (SCT) as Partner

Across Businesses & Industries, Reliable Wi-Fi access is a Core necessity

Having communication problems at the Front of Shop / Supermarket Floor, Back Office or Stock Taking in the Warehouse ? Meru Wireless Networks have the solution.

Founded in 2002, Meru Networks provides a virtualized wireless LAN architecture that cost-effectively delivers the performance, reliability, predictability and operational simplicity of a wired network, with the advantages of mobility. Meru’s solution represents an innovative, yet standards-based approach to wireless networking that utilizes virtualization technology to create an intelligent and self-monitoring wireless network, enabling enterprises to migrate their business-critical applications from wired networks to wireless networks, to become all-wireless enterprises. Meru’s solutions have been adopted in all major industry vertical markets, including Fortune 500 enterprises, healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, hospitality and government


Based on Meru Network’s experience with customers across a wide range of businesses & industries, Meru can deliver a wireless LAN solution tailored to the specific needs of your organization. In the industries with the most pressing need for good wireless service, Meru installed hundreds of solutions, and we understand the requirements in detail.

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