Mobile Retail Report 2016 UK Edition

This report analyses the mobile web experience offered by multi-channel retailers in the UK, based on the core tenets of multi-channel retailing on a mobile device.
It is a UK report, however it may be of interest to Irish Retailers also.
The unique feature of a mobile is that it can be used on the go.
Retailers have a chance to be by their customers side all day everyday, literally in their pocket, giving shoppers immediate access to information about their nearest store, which products are in stock and in which size or colour.
Google reports that 82% of smartphone users say they consult their phones on purchases they’re about to make in a store. According to Ofcom over two thirds of UK adults own a smartphone. This makes 35 million potential customers in the UK alone that are using their mobile phone to help make purchasing decisions. The question is which retailers are using this to their advantage and which retailers are still missing a trick when it comes to mobile commerce?
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To read the full report 2016-mobile-retail-report Mobile Retail Report: 2016 Edition
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