PayPal makes a move for wearable payments devices – Launch start in April 14



PayPal has announced its plans to create a payments application for wearable devices, expanding its prowess over mobile commerce.

The company plans to launch the app in April, and Samsung’s Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo will be the first wearables to host the app. The PayPal app will let consumers make mobile payments, store and utilize rewards and send money to other app users.

“Today, the mobile device isn’t just a smartphone or a tablet, it can be anything you bring with you – like a watch or a bracelet,” said Jennifer spokeswoman at PayPal, San Jose, CA. “PayPal’s vision is to provide consumers a seamless, frictionless payment experience and want to continue taking the friction out of mobile shopping, across any device the consumer chooses.

“We think wearable payments are another very innovative and interesting way to help remove friction from payments experience,” she said.

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