Quality over cost as retailers search for reliable IT service support for 2014

Retailers across Ireland and the UK are finding that poor IT service support contracts are hindering their operational performance. The downtime caused by poor support when there is an IT problem in store is having a direct impact on profitability and performance and as a result, many are being forced to review their current provision as they enter 2014  according to Bdaily Business news.

Many retailers who are unhappy with their current service contracts, are citing poor quality service rather than costs as their reason for searching for a new supplier.

With retailers continuing to compete for every consumer pound, Retailers are now placing an even greater emphasis on maintaining the in store customer experience as the attraction of the internet and mobile shopping continues to pull valuable business away from the high street.

SCT has been observing the retail landscape for over fifteen years and is not surprised that quality of service is now becoming a more important consideration than the cost.

In retail, there are certain things which can’t be compromised, and IT performance is one of them. Downtime not only directly affects the amount or type of sales the store is able to process, but can also negatively impact on the customer experience. This is dangerous ground, as even the slighted inconvenience could cause already stressed customers to simply take their business to a competitor. When assessing the risk-rewards of a professional, reliable support contact, retailers realise it is most certainly better to be safe than sorry. 

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