Race to own the Retail Receipt unlocks mobile loyalty – By Lauren Johnson

As retailers increasingly view the in-store experience as the next big push for hypertargeted mobile initiatives, the paper receipt is playing a bigger role in spurring loyalty and repeat customers.

With more consumers actively engaging with their mobile devices while in-store, the strategy behind leveraging the receipt is to take the piece of printed collateral that every shopper already has to the next level. With omnichannel playing a bigger role for retailers, the idea is to more seamlessly tie together in-store and online assets.

“In many ways, as an industry we’ve only scratched the surface in providing personalized offers and information to mobile users even if they have opted in,” said Jeff Hasen, chief marketing officer of Mobivity, Phoenix.

“The receipt changes that, especially when marketers are offered a solution for extracting purchase information without the need to change or even touch the point-of-sale system,” he said.



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