Risky employee behavior, cloud security are top IT security concerns

Poor employee security behavior and cloud security are top worries of IT pros, according to a survey commissioned by data backup and disaster recovery firm Sungard Availability Services.

Close to two-thirds of 276 IT pros polled by SurveyMonkey Audience for Sungard ranked leaving laptops and mobile phones in vulnerable places as their company’s most common security threat, followed by poor password practices by employees.

Having only one password and using adjacent keyboard combinations, such as “qwerty,” are the two most common violations of security best practices.

Regarding cloud security, 76 percent of IT professionals believe their firm could do more to improve cloud security. More than half of respondents said security is the most critical factor for companies to consider when making the decision to move to the cloud, but it is the most overlooked when choosing a cloud provider.

“Too often, IT managers fail to ask cloud providers the targeted security questions that will help them create a strong cloud transformation plan and a sustainable security plan after go-live,” observed Matt Goche, director of security consulting at Sungard.

“Our data reveals a disconnect. People know cloud security is important but aren’t taking the necessary precautions to safeguard their organization’s resiliency,” he added.

By Fred Donovan

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