Toys R Us taps QR codes for easy navigation to Thanksgiving deals


Toys “R” Us is addressing consumers’ pain points around holiday shopping, with mobile playing a key role streamlining both the in-store and online experiences.

The chain’s “Black Friday Made Easy” initiative consists of a range of new services, including digital store-specific maps that can be accessed by scanning a QR code found near the store entrance.  The location-specific digital maps will help smartphone-armed shoppers easily find a specific toy or deal.

“One of the things, as we went into creating and designing these Black Friday initiatives, was to focus on what our customers have been asking for,” said Adrienne O’Hara, a spokeswoman for Toys “R” Us.  “What are some of the things they have found as pain points that we can help and make it a really easy shopping experience for them, especially during Thanksgiving weekend, which is the kick off of holiday shopping.

“When they go to the front of the store immediately upon entering, they will find a store map,” she said. “On a more granular level, if they are looking for a very specific item or deal, they can scan the QR code that is on that physical store map and they can key in a certain toy, a specific deal and be navigated to the exact aisle to help them find that product or deal. “

Consumer research
The retailer’s new Black Friday services are based on consumer research it conducted throughout the year to find out what customers want.

The new services will be introduced beginning Thanksgiving Weekend and continuing through Christmas Eve.

A key focus of the initiatives is to help in-store shoppers find what they are looking for as quickly and easily as possible.

Smartphones, with their built-in location capabilities, not surprising play an important role.

The new digital store maps will be specific to each store. Physical versions of the maps will be located near the front entrance of each store and will feature a QR code so shoppers can access a mobile-optimized version of the map. From the mobile map, shoppers can search for products by name and pinpoint their in-aisle location.

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